Eve Online Pirates and Low Sec

I would like to take some time to talk about low security space for a moment in eve online. Low security space is one of those area’s that has always been there but really has not done to much in eve…


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Flow Through Life

The easy way.

Simplicity is the starting point of everything. Every idea. Every piece of creativity. Every day.

Simplicity is a space of potential. It is incorrect to think of it as spare or sparse; it is very rich. Once one has achieved simplicity, one can fan it open into extraordinary possibilities and dimensions.

It is as a seed or an egg. Extremely basic, but once it develops, can create the most magnificent and extravagant beings.

So, simplicity is the starting point of everything. The best way to achieve simplicity is through the breath. Your breath is always with you. It is your connection to life. And it is very simple.

With the breath, you refocus into this present moment. Which, if you do it fully, will bring simplicity. For in every given moment, in almost all circumstances, there is only simplicity. There is only what is.

If you are ever at a point of confusion or encumbered by heavy emotions, come back to simplicity. Come back to — what is at the core of this?

You do this by breathing in and breathing out, wide and deep.
Ask on the in-breath —
What is not necessary?
Then release it on the out-breath.

You do not necessarily need to know what is being released, though that may happen.

Or write down everything that comes to mind about the situation, about yourself, about whatever needs exploring.
After that, query — What is not central? What is obscuring the simplicity? Then eliminate until you can go no further. These are central. (You can draw a web or many branches and do the same.)

If you begin with that, everything will be much, much easier.

Simplicity reunites you with the One. And then you have everything.

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Sending you all good things….

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